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Our mission is to share classical music in a relaxed atmosphere in order to encourage meaningful conversation between performers and audience members. We break down the Fourth Wall to allow for personal connections with the music. Chamber Brews welcomes music lovers of all levels and tastes; the Chamber Brews experiences is for everyone.  



On New Years Day 2016, Elisabeth Jeremica and Devin Copfer made a pact to combine their love of beer and chamber music in a new performance project. Chamber Brews was born. We host events in accessible venues with killer musicians for a unique experience of music, food, beer, coffee, and conversation. We perform movements of works interspersed with talking, providing context and the musician’s perspective.


Our Co-Directors

DEVIN COPFER is a performer, recording musician, music teacher, and arts entrepreneur based in Columbus, OH. She plays in several regional orchestras, is a member of the experimental jazz/pop ensemble Small Songs, and the rock group Tidal IX. A member of the Emerging Art Leaders (EAL) in Columbus, Devin is an arts advocate dedicated to sustaining creative programs in the Central Ohio region. When she is not practicing, performing, or teaching,  you can find Devin sailing on any of the Columbus inland lakes or on Lake Erie near her hometown of Cleveland, OH. 

ELISABETH JEREMICA is native to the Seattle area: home to beautiful vistas and delicious brews. At some point, she obtained way too many degrees in cello performance, just to force others to call her “Dr.” She is a freelance cellist and a private cello instructor based in the Columbus, OH area. Outside of the music studio Elisabeth is a devoted yogi and less-devoted warm-weather cyclist, as well as passionate baker and beer snob. 



Chamber Brews is comprised of a rotating ensemble of creative minds to perform as well as develop each program. Below are our past artistic collaborators:


Our community partners provide the space, platform, and neighborhood support that we need to create events in Columbus.