Chamber Brews 2021 Concert Series "Dig"

Join us around as we tour our program, "Dig" 

"Dig" features three pieces for String Trio:


Video Premiere of Carman Moore's "BLUE...RED...GREEN" for String Trio - the color and sound worlds connecting us to blue water and sky, red clay earth and fire, green plant fire - or for a great celebration for seasons and change, cleansing through the elements


World Premiere of Christopher Weait's "The First Social Dance" featuring dancers from the Columbus Modern Dance Company, choreography by Dian Jing and videography by Tiera Suggs // dance roots us in connection to the ground, gives us the sense of loss of connection we've experienced as a community, moving through together and apart


World Premiere of  "dig" by Sharon Udoh (aka Counterfeit Madison) in which we dive into the earth, our sense of roots and connection sonically and as a group of musicians navigating a pandemic

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